2018 Senior Reps

2018 Senior Reps



Every year I’m blessed with amazing seniors that represent Sharon Holy Photography and this year is no exception. I couldn’t wait to work with this group! After getting rained out and snowed out at last year’s first two attempts at our Senior Rep Session, I didn’t take any chances and planned my first indoor Rep Shoot this year!

I chose seniors who are involved in a variety of groups, activities and/or sports, are active on social media. Most importantly, I chose seniors who want to share a positive message! My theme was “Celebrate You”. I wanted to celebrate each senior’s uniqueness, style, and personality and I asked these seniors to celebrate those aspects in others as well!

This group looked amazing adorned in tiffany blue, black and white in front of a fun, playful backdrop. Add some smiles, a little background music, a few cupcakes and blue punch and its a celebration!

Every year I customize a t-shirt specifically for that year’s graduating class. I give them to each of my seniors after their senior session as a little thank you! My Reps always get a special color t-shirt that says “SHP Rep” just for them! This year, I added quotes to the back of the shirts. Going with the “Celebrate You” theme, the back of the girl’s shirts read “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful” and the boys were adorned with one of my favorite quotes “Life is like a camera, focus on what’s important and you’ll capture it perfectly!” The later quote will be on the back of all shirts given to all my seniors this year. I thought this quote was perfect for young adults starting their senior year of high school.

For the second part of our shoot, the seniors changed into jeans, Converse and their SHP T-shirts. We used a black backdrop to create a Photo Booth look and added fun, glittery (of course) props and life-sized Polaroid frames! The photo booth made it easy to capture their individual personalities!! We had a few Polaroid cameras that we incorporated in the shoot with the pictures doubling as cute mementos for the seniors to take home!


Glittery props & some life size Polaroid frames added to our photo booth fun!

Communication is key! Let the seniors know what to expect, what to bring, timeframe, etc. I started with an email to share all the details with seniors and their parents and continued communicating with the seniors via a group text that kept everyone informed.

Create Excitement! Invite the parents! This is a special time in their lives too. The parent’s always add a fun factor for me! Encourage the seniors to share candids from the shoot on social media. This year we added two custom Snap Chat filters which the seniors seems to enjoy and the cost was minimum!

SHPhoto_SHP_5379-EditPlan your theme and colors. Coordinate their outfits to go with your theme, not just color but style as well! Don’t forget the details! Gold was my accent color so all the jewelry was gold! Backdrops and accessories should enhance your shoot but not be the focal point…that’s reserved for your seniors. Pinterest is filled with ideas to enhance your shoot as well!

Have a back up plan! If you’re planning to shoot outdoors, be sure to have a back-up, indoor location or a make-up date already on the calendar in case of bad weather! Spring is a busy time for next year’s seniors so you want to make sure they block the date…just in case!

Frames with each senior’s name, school, & year made great props and gifts too!

Celebrate your seniors! Make sure your seniors know how important they are! Give them little gifts as a thank you. I incorporated this year’s gifts as props in the shoot. Get to know them, listen to their ideas. For me, its been easy to do! Like I said, I’ve been blessed with amazing young men and women to represent my company and look forward to getting to know each of them better as the journey through their senior year continues.

Have fun with it! Senior Rep Sessions are a great way to get to know your seniors and their parents and a memorable and exciting way for them to kick-off their senior year!


Check out our 2018 Senior Rep Video!