Free Spirit

SHP_6414-EditFree Spirit

What I love most about working with seniors is that each of them has their own unique personality. As a photographer, trying to find ways to bring out their uniqueness can be fun, but sometimes challenging.

For Abby, a Lake Catholic 2018 senior, it was easy. Talking to her and her mom we knew right away we wanted to include her love of music and her “hippie” style. Abby just recently got a Victrola record player so we knew incorporating it, along with some of her favorite albums, would be the perfect way to enhance that part of her personality.

Abby told me she’s always loved music. When she was little, her mom and her would watch musicals over and over. Her favorites were Annie and Grease and she knew all the songs by heart. On the other hand, her dad would listen to classic rock, so she grew up listening to the Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Guns n Roses, and the Eagles.

SHP_6440-EditShe shared a cute memory of riding in the back of her dad’s truck when she was about nine years old singing Landslide by Fleetwood Mac, a song she’s always loved. She finds it weird that she hasn’t gotten tired of classic rock throughout the years and loves the fact that now she’s able to actually hear the messages in the songs.

Abby’s love for classic music definitely shines through, not only her outfits, but her personality, her energy and her overall vibe. She’s so sweet and easy going…a free spirit.

SHP_6547-EditAbby’s first outfit was my favorite, although I truly loved them all. This outfit suited her personality perfectly. It was a modern outfit with ripped jeans and cascading sleeved top but with simple touches like her belt and shoes with flower embellishments and a peace sign belt buckle, the 70s influence is unmistakable.

Abby’s mom brought colorful tapestries with her which we laid out in the woods on the fallen leaves. Including Abby’s records and record player in this setting ironically seemed very natural and the perfect way to highlight Abby’s love of music and favorite albums.


For her second outfit, Abby chose a beautiful flowered maxi romper with an eggplant, off the shoulder top. Again, a very modern outfit but with simple touches the 70s vibe was there. Add a flower crown and you can definitely see her inner hippie chick.


Abby’s last outfit gave that “leather and lace look” with black jeans and a black lace top. Her edgier, sassy inner rocker chick shined through. It also paired well with her record player and records.

“I have my own life and I am stronger 
than you know.”

Some fun facts about Abby:

Favorite Album: She actually has two all time favorite albums, Rumours by Fleetwood Mac and Born to Die by Lana Del Rey.

“These are my favorite albums because I think Stevie Nicks (singer in Fleetwood Mac) is so captivating and enchanting. She just has this soothing raspy voice that’s almost magical and makes you feel at ease and at peace. The songs on the Rumours album are so different from any other classic rock songs, in many of them I can find pieces of myself which I find very cool since it was released way back in 1977.  Born to Die by Lana Del Rey is another one of my favorites because Lana is the modern day Stevie Nicks. She has a voice so soothing and calming…it’s spellbinding. Lana Del Rey’s music is all about falling in love young and finding happiness in a dark world.”

Favorite Artists: you guessed it, Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Rey.


“They’re my favorite because their music actually sends out a peaceful message to people. They both have influenced me so much, but just listening to them sing and the messages that they portray make me  want to be a nice, kind and genuinely friendly person, who appreciates everything around her. Like both Stevie and Lana do.

SHP_6676-EditStevie Nicks and Lana Del Rey recorded a song together called Beautiful People Beautiful Problems and it’s an amazing soundtrack. The awesome part is that I got to see both Stevie Nicks and Lana Del Rey in concert this year! It was truly magical; I’m so very blessed that I was able to see my two favorite artists in the same year!”

Favorite Genre: Her favorite genres are classic rock and indie pop rock.

“I can listen to classic rock when I’m in any mood, because there is a song about every emotion. Indie pop rock is like today’s classic rock, it’s more modern but it still has that feel to it like Classic rock.”

“I think the music today is sending out a message that is all about drugs and money, which is sad. I know that there are songs from the 60s and 70s that were about drugs and everything but it was more subtle and you really had to listen and take in the words to hear that message.”


Abby is learning to play the piano and is hoping to learn to play the guitar this summer. Her dream job is to work at a record label and to be the person who discovers the new, up and coming talent. She would love to help artists chase their dreams.

I asked Abby if she was happy that we included her records/record player in her session and I loved her answer so much. She said she was so happy that we did because when she looks back at these images in 20, 30 or 40 years, she will smile and be reminded that this was an aspect of her personality that separated her from the bunch. “They help tell my story of where and who I am as a senior in high school.”

Abby’s favorite song is Gypsy by Stevie Nicks because the song “makes you feel like a fairy and you just want to dance and sing along to it.” “Its enchanting!” she said. It makes sense that this is her favorite song because it describes Abby to perfection. She is a beautiful free spirit, truly enchanting!



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